FlavourTalk Amsterdam 2018, 14-15 March 2018

Flavour Horizons is running this event in association with the British Society of Flavourists. Booking for delegates opened online on 1st December 2017.

Fibre: the Rough with the Smooth, 11 October, 2017

Lindsey Bagley gave a talk at this event on ‘Formulating foods and drinks with fibre’ on Wednesday 11th October at The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining in London.

Protein Power: do we take our protein intake for granted?

Lindsey Bagley gave a talk entitled ‘Protein fortification of food & drinks: opportunities and pitfalls’ at the above IFST event on Wednesday, 14 June, 2017 at the SCI, London..

Everything You Need to Know About Taste, 25 April 2017

Dave Baines gave a talk at the FDIN Conference on ‘Everything You Need to Know About Taste’ on 25th April. His presentation was entitled  ‘The science behind taste’.

FlavourTalk Amsterdam February 2017

Flavour Horizons organised a successful FlavourTalk Raw Materials Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam on February 22-23 2017. Record numbers of delegates and exhibitors attended. The conference – The future of flavours in Europe: opportunities, trends and challenges – included presentations by leading authorities on a range of flavour-related topics.

Clean label ingredients

Lindsey Bagley has written an article on clean label ingredients that was published in New Food Magazine on 16 February 2107:

Lifting the lid on the clean label trend | Health Ingredients Month

Flte’ on Tuesday

HiE Conference Frankfurt 30 November 2016

Lindsey Bagley is speaking in the session on ‘Developing dairy free alternatives that meet the protein trend’ at HiE in Frankfurt on November 30th.

Global Taste Trends May 2016

Dave Baines chaired the Food and Drink Innovation Network conference on Global Taste Trends in London on May 17th 2016 and gave a talk entitled ‘Taste Modifiers – Driving the Trends’. Lindsey Bagley also gave a talk at the conference entitled ‘Cutting the fat’.

Flavourist Training Programme May 2016

Dave Baines and Lindsey Bagley contributed to the Flavourist Training Programme at the University of Reading, 3-20 May 2016.

Flavourtalk Singapore April 2016

Flavour Horizons organised another successful FlavourTalk Raw Materials Exhibition and Conference in Singapore on 26-27 April 2016. Delegates and exhibitors from 68 companies and organisations attended, representing 23 countries around the world. The conference – The natural world of flavours: ingredients and finished products – included presentations by leading authorities on a range of flavour-related topics.

Food Matters Live 2015

Flavour Horizons was a media partner for Food Matters Live, November 2015Dave Baines and Lindsey Bagley both gave talks at this event. Lindsey gave a talk on the implications of sugar and fat replacement in foods. Dave’s talk, in conjunction with Huw Griffiths of Besmoke, about a new smoke filtration technology known as Pure Smoke, is reported in a recent issue of Food Navigator.

British Fruit Juice Association Annual Symposium 18th June 2015

Dave Baines delivered a talk entitled ‘What is flavour all about – and what can flavours do for juices?’ at the British Fruit Juice Association Annual Symposium, 18th June 2015 in London.

Seminar and Workshop at Campden BRI, 3rd July 2015

Dave Baines chaired a ‘Hot Topic’s in Additives and Flavourings – Seminar and Workshop’ at Campden BRI on 3rd July 2015, where he delivered a lecture entitled ‘Does the word natural mislead the consumer?’

FlavourTalk Singapore April 28-29 2015

FlavourTalk, a two day event organised by Flavour Horizons consisting of a flavour raw materials exhibition and conference, was held in Singapore in April 2015. The exhibition was the first of its kind in Asia and was a great success. It was attended by 153 people from 74 companies with over 20 countries represented. Dave Baines and Lindsey Bagley were both speakers at the FlavourTalk conference.

Nutraformulate, Birmingham, UK 17-18 March 2015

Lindsey Bagley and Dave Baines spoke at this event in an Acumentia workshop entitled ‘Formulating functional foods’.

Table Talk Amsterdam 5 March 2015

Flavour Horizons exhibited at Table Talk Amsterdam. Dave Baines was Master of Ceremonies for this event.

Food Matters Conference, London, November 2014

Lindsey Bagley moderated the Nurturing Natural module at the Food Matters Conference and expo at ExCeL, London, November 18-20, 2014 and spoke on ‘Sweetener strategy – assessing the functionality of natural low-calorie sweeteners in product formulation’.

Savoury Flavours Course, October 2014

Dave Baines was a tutor on a Savoury Flavours Course from 27th-31st October 2014 in Skipton, Yorkshire, UK. For further details email

Chemistry of Cooking, October 2014

Dave Baines is running a ‘Chemistry of Cooking’ Roadshow in collaboration with the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

World Juice, Barcelona, September 2014

Lindsey Bagley spoke on sugar reduction strategies for fruit juices and juice based beverages at the 19th Annual World Juice conference 9th – 11th September

Weurman Flavour Symposium, Cambridge, September 2014

Dave Baines was a member of the organising Committee for the prestigious 14th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium at Queen’s College, Cambridge on 15-19 September 2014.

The Fantastic Future of Food, May 2014

Lindsey Bagley chaired the Refining Nutrition session at IFST’s Jubilee conference ‘The Fantastic Future of Food’ on 14th May. 

New publication: Sweetening solutions

Lindsey Bagley has published a paper entitled ‘When sugar is not sweet news’ in Beverage Innovation,,, Issue 113, March 2014, p14.

The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards May 2014

Lindsey Bagley was on the Expert Panel of Judges for The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards.

British Sandwich Association Technical Award May 2014

Lindsey Bagley was on the panel of judges for this technical excellence award.

NutraFormulate, NMM, Birmingham, UK 18-19 March 2014

Flavour Horizons was a media partner for NutraFormulate in Birmingham; Melanie Brown and Lindsey Bagley gave a presentation on flavour trends in the NutraCreativity Centre. This event covered the functional foods sector with a conference and exhibition featuring some of the largest names in functional food ingredients, research and testing.

‘Table Talk’ Amsterdam 6 March 2014

Flavour Horizons exhibited at the ‘Table Talk’ Raw Materials Exhibition in Amsterdam on 6 March 2014; Dave Baines acted as Master of Ceremonies.

World of Food Ingredients Oct/Nov 2013

Lindsey Bagley and Melanie Brown have published an article in the October/November 2013 Issue of The World of Food Ingredients entitled New Flavor Opportunities – Floral Flavors Come into Bloom in Western Markets, p 18-22.

Future Beverage Innovation, London, UK 9-11 December 2013

Lindsey Bagley gave a presentation at this event on ‘Providing Vitamins and Minerals to a Health Conscious Public: Effectively Developing New and Optimising Current Products through Fortification’. Her talk addressed:

  • Assessing vitamins and minerals commonly used to fortify beverage products and understanding limitations
  • Uncovering the scientific background and implications of using different vitamins and minerals
  • How to incorporate vitamins and minerals into great-tasting products

Fi Europe, Frankfurt 19 – 21 November 2013

Dave Baines chaired the Natural Flavour module at FiE, Frankfurt and Lindsey Bagley spoke on Overcoming Technical Challenges with Natural Flavour Reformulation:

• How to mask off-flavours when reformulating with natural flavours and replacing sugar,  sodium and fat without compromising on taste

• Overcoming stabilisation challenges through encapsulation technologies

• Examining the challenges and identifying solutions with using natural flavour

An interview with Lindsey was recorded at the event by Food Navigator and can be viewed at:

IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) Annual Conference and Expo, Chicago, July 13th-16th

Lindsey Bagley attended this event.

Thames Valley Life Sciences Network Event ‘It’s all a matter of taste’, Reading University, UK, 25th June 2013

Dave Baines spoke on ‘The reason to season’ at this network meeting being organised by Vital Six and Acumentia.

BSF Annual Symposium, Advances in Savoury Update 19th June, 2013, Woburn Abbey, UK

Dave Baines gave a presentation at this event on ‘The future of smoke and thermal process flavours – a smoking gun’.

BBC, Bang Goes the Theory, Monday 8th April 2013.

Dave Baines appeared in BBC1’s series Bang Goes the Theory on Monday 8th April. The programme investigated how flavour scientists detect and identify the flavour compounds responsible for the taste of meat and Dave demonstrated how the flavour precursors naturally present in meat, that produce flavour during cooking, can be used to create meat flavours. The beef flavour produced on the programme was applied to a gravy and the TV presenter Maggi Philbin took it around the Reading University campus getting students to taste it against a control. The majority agreed that the beef flavour made the gravy taste more meaty.

Sugar and Salt Reduction Summit, Amsterdam, 12th and 13th June 2013 

Lindsey Bagley gave a talk entitled ‘Detailing the pros and cons of using artificial sweeteners as a sugar replacer – with reference to application, cost, supply and image’ at this event and co-ordinated a sensory workshop.

European Seasoning Association General Assembly, Birmingham, 7th June 2013

Dave Baines gave a well received talk at this conference entitled ‘Technical Developments in the Use of Spices’.

British Sandwich Association, London, May 2013

Lindsey Bagley acted as a judge in the technical category at the annual awards of the British Sandwich Association. The winners were announced and trophies presented at a gala dinner on 16th May 2013 at the Lancaster London Hotel.

IFST Information Statement on Stevia, January 2013

Lindsey Bagley is a principal author of the recent IFST information statement on stevia which is available at:

The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) is both a learned society and a professional body for those in the profession of food science and technology. It provides independent objective information on food issues to government, legislators, the media, schools and the public.

‘TableTalk’ Amsterdam, February 2013

Flavour Horizons will be exhibiting at the ‘Table Talk’ Raw Materials Exhibition in Amsterdam on 28th February 2013. Dave Baines will be acting as Master of Ceremonies for this event.

Exhibition and Conference, Frankfurt 1315 November 2012

Lindsey Bagley visited the Health Ingredients Europe Exhibition in Frankfurt in November 2012. Lindsey also chaired the antioxidant module of the associated conference and gave a well received talk entitled ‘Realising the true potential of natural antioxidants’.

Savoury Flavours Course, October 2012

Dave Baines led a course entitled ‘Creating Savoury Flavours’ at Malsis School, Skipton, England from 29th October – 2nd November 2012.

This laboratory based flavourings course consisted of a range of specialist lectures supported by practical sessions. Delegates created their own savoury flavours, which were then applied and evaluated in relevant foods. The course was aimed at graduates working in NPD and flavour technology in the food, seasonings and flavour industries.

Hi Japan 3-5 October, 2012

Dave Baines attended the Health Ingredients Japan Exhibition in Tokyo in October 2012. He has written an article covering some of the latest developments on show at the exhibition for the December issue of Flavour Horizons.

Innovations in Beverages, 11-13 September 2012

Lindsey Bagley gave a presentation at ‘Innovations in Beverages’ at the ICO Conference Centre in London on ‘Sugar reduction: assessing the use of alternative sweeteners in beverages’.

BSF Annual Symposium, June 12, 2012

Flavour Horizons  exhibited at the British Society of Flavourists’ Annual Symposium ‘Beverages Update 2012’ at Woburn Abbey.

Stevia Workshop, April 2012

Lindsey Bagley chaired the panel discussion and ran a workshop at the ‘Stevia 2012’ conference in London on 12th and 13th April.

New publication, March 2012

Dave Baines has co-edited a new book along with Richard Seal entitled ‘Natural Food Additives, Ingredients and Flavourings’  which was published in March 2012 as part of the Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition. Dave wrote the introductory chapter ‘Defining the term natural in the context of food products’.

Radio 4 PM Interview, March 2012

Lindsey Bagley was interviewed by Eddie Mair on Radio 4’s PM programme on 9th March about the recent actions taken by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to change their formulas to avoid having to put a cancer warning on their cola products. The US state of California has added one of the chemicals which occurs in small amounts in the caramels they use to a list of chemicals that may cause cancer – and Californian law would have required the drinks companies to put a warning on their bottles. Instead, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have reformulated their beverages.

Lindsey explained the differences between products in the US and the UK and how local economics, taste acceptability as well as legislation all drive formulation differences even in global brands.

Natural Flavours 2012, February 2012

Dave Baines chaired the second day of the conference Natural Flavours 2012 at Kingsway Hall Hotel, London on 28/29th February. He was also a panellist on the 28th.

Press Release, February 2012

Acumentia team launches Flavour Horizons

A team of experts from Acumentia Consulting is launching Flavour Horizons, a new quarterly, electronic bulletin for the food, beverage and flavour industries.The British Society of Flavourists’ ‘Table Talk’ Exhibition in Amsterdam on 23rd February 2012 will be the venue for the launch where many of the world’s leading flavour companies will be attending including delegates from around the world.

The Flavour Horizons  editorial team, consisting of Dave Baines, Lindsey Bagley and Melanie Brown, all members of Acumentia Consulting, has a strong technical base and a wealth of experience in flavour and ingredients for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The new bulletin is intended for senior managers, technologists and innovators in the food, beverage and flavour industries. Flavour Horizons will provide concise expert interpretation and analysis of the latest flavour technologies, flavour industry data and regulatory issues. Patenting activity and corporate strategies will be reviewed and innovations from centres of excellence for flavour science and technology will be highlighted.  Flavour Horizons will address key flavour issues for busy food and flavour professionals helping them to look ahead and plan for the future.

The launch issue is available on the website and addresses, among other topics, flavour precursors, smoke flavours, market opportunities for stevia and global flavour patenting trends.

Notes to editors

  1. Acumentia Consulting is a network organisation consisting of some 40 highly qualified scientific and technical consultants, with particular experience in the global food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and other related areas, all of whom have held senior positions in industry and understand the issues and challenges of modern business.
  2. The British Society of Flavourists’ ‘Table Talk’ Exhibition will be held at the Barbizon Palace Hotel, in Amsterdam on 23rd February 2012.
  3. Please contact for further information