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Sesquiterpenes and their Use in Flavourings

By Brian Rigby and Dave Baines

September 2017

Sesquiterpenes and their Use in Flavourings

Sesquiterpenes have an important role in flavourings. This report looks at their availability and applications in the flavour industry. It covers acyclic, monocyclic, fused bicyclic and fused tricyclic sesquiterpenoids that are currently used or could be used in the future in flavourings. Most of these sesquiterpenes are approved for use and included in the FEMA GRAS list and/or the EU Union List permitting their use in flavourings in the USA, the European Union and in many other countries around the world.



Report Contents
What are sesquiterpenes? 2
Classification of sesquiterpenes 2
Acyclic sesquiterpenoids 3
Monocyclic sesquiterpenoids 5
Cyclohexane compounds 5
The bisabolenes 5
The atlantones 5
Elemane compounds 6
Cyclodecane compounds 6
Cycloundecane compounds 6
Fused bicyclic sesquiterpenoids 7
Bicyclohexanes 7
Bicycloheptanes 7
Bicyclooctanes and bicylononanes 8
Bicyclodecanes 8
The napthalenes 8
Selinanes 8
Cadinanes 9
Eremophilanes 9
The azulenes 10
Bicycloundecanes 11
Fused tricyclic sesquiterpenoids 12
Tricycloundecanes 12
Tricyclododecanes 14
Conclusions 14


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