Flavour Horizons is a quarterly, electronic bulletin providing expert interpretation and analysis of flavour technologies and regulatory issues for senior managers, technologists and innovators in the food, beverage and flavour industries.

Flavour Horizons

  • Communicates new flavour developments and technologies to the food, beverage and flavour industries
  • Interprets technical and market information and adds professional insight
  • Uses expertise and industry knowledge to predict likely trends and developments
  • Analyses data from the flavour industry
  • Assesses the impact of new regulations on the flavour sector
  • Reports the latest innovations from centres of excellence in flavour research
  • Condenses key information for busy food industry executives and technologists
  • Helps the industry to look ahead and plan for the future

The Flavour Horizons editorial team, consisting of Dave Baines, Lindsey Bagley and Melanie Brown, all members of Acumentia Consulting, has a strong technical base and a wealth of experience in the food, flavour and ingredients sectors.

Articles in Issue 23, September 2017:

Multi-sensory design

Carol Raithatha discusses recent advances in our understanding of the effects of multi-sensory perception on consumer preferences and considers the impact of the sensory modalities on flavour appreciation.

The changing consumer

We look at demographic and generational changes in Western society in the foods we consume and the format and occasions on which we consume them.

The pulling power of protein

This article explores consumer aspirations towards a high protein diet and the likely consequences for the food and flavour industries.

The cult of chilli – implications for health

We investigate the properties and potential health benefits of the capsaicinoids, the compounds responsible for the fierce heat of chillies.

Renaissance of sour beers

The current enthusiasm for sour beers is explored along with the potential for the flavour industry to capitalise on opportunities related to sour flavours.

Take the bitter with the sweet

This article investigates some of the patented discoveries over the past few decades identifying compounds that block or reduce bitter taste. It covers a number of naturally occurring flavonoid compounds that are capable of blocking bitterness and the discovery of several synthetic compounds resulting from biochemical screening against human taste cells.

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