Flavour Horizons is a quarterly, electronic bulletin providing expert interpretation and analysis of flavour technologies and regulatory issues for senior managers, technologists and innovators in the food, beverage and flavour industries.

Flavour Horizons

  • Communicates new flavour developments and technologies to the food, beverage and flavour industries
  • Interprets technical and market information and adds professional insight
  • Uses expertise and industry knowledge to predict likely trends and developments
  • Analyses data from the flavour industry
  • Assesses the impact of new regulations on the flavour sector
  • Reports the latest innovations from centres of excellence in flavour research
  • Condenses key information for busy food industry executives and technologists
  • Helps the industry to look ahead and plan for the future

The Flavour Horizons editorial team, consisting of Dave Baines, Lindsey Bagley and Melanie Brown, all members of Acumentia Consulting, has a strong technical base and a wealth of experience in the food, flavour and ingredients sectors.

Articles in Issue 22, June 2017:

White tea – a new ‘super food’?

White tea contains more polyphenols, the powerful anti-oxidants associated with fighting cancer, than any other type of tea. We investigate the benefits of fine white teas from the perspectives of both the connoisseur of tea flavour and the health-conscious consumer.

The Importance of Flavour Innovation

David Turner of Mintel explains why European consumers remain highly excited about new flavours.

Optimising Natural Sweetness

Understanding the temporal profiles of sweeteners is key to formulating a quality sweetener system. Strategies for enhancing the quality of the sweet taste of stevia are considered together with other new developments in the natural sweetener field.

Substituting Fats in Foods – an Update

We address some of the more recent developments in the field of fat substitution and the need for formulating low fat foods with fat replacers and fat-soluble flavours.

Alkamides on the Union List

This article explores the unusual organoleptic properties of the alkamides on the Union List, which produce a range of sensations in the mouth.

Flavour Company Developments 2016-17

The annual Flavour Horizons review of flavour and sweetener company developments in the last 12 months revealed a dramatic increase in investment in new technical and production facilities worldwide. We review acquisitions, new facilities and collaborations in the industry.

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